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The Legend of the Fairy Stones

Scattered about the earth in a smattering of sites are spectacularly special cross-shaped "fairy stones." According to woodland legend, the stone crosses appeared after the fairies heard that Jesus had died. Their tears hit the dirt and turned to crystal crosses. It's said fairy stones serve as tokens of faith, as kind reminders that courage dissolves all ills and bad wills. Best Interior Design, 2019 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner


Yellowstone National Park (Natural Wonders of the World)

Explore the past, present, and future of Yellowstone National Park. Beautiful photos, fact-filled text, and engaging infographics help readers learn all about this natural wonder and how to protect it long into the future. School Library Journal featured STEM series


The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts

Jam-packed with loads of fun activities created around scripture verses, the book features not only scavenger hunts, but also craft projects, easy recipes, science experiments, and more, with each chapter highlighting a specific theme. Accredited by the American Camp Association


White House (Choose a Career Adventure)

What do people do at the White House? Readers pick from eight different scenarios and experience "next best thing to being there yourself" opportunities for interactive career exploration. Sidebars promote additional learning activities and independent research. From Bright Futures Press, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day partner


Archery (Outdoor Adventures)

This title introduces young sports fans to archery, including its history, rules, equipment, and why more and more athletes love practicing the sport. The book features informative sidebars, exciting photos, a glossary, and an index. Aligns to Common Core and correlates to state standards


Wacky Bible Blockheads (It's a Fact)

Even David, "a man after God's own heart," made some blockhead moves. From Zondervan's It's a Fact series, the book highlights duh! moments in the Old and New Testaments, some well known and others that might surprise. Completely, 100-percent historically accurate. Also coauthored Wacky Bible Gross-outs, both from HarperCollins Christian Publishing

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The Legend of the Fairy Stones

Fairies that flutter wherever they're led, fairies that tiptoe on spiderweb thread. Fairies of fancy all dolled up just right, others so bright they illumine the night.

—from The Legend of the Fairy Stones by Kelly Anne White

The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts

For this hunt, players use a field guide to find very buried treasures.

—from "Chapter 11: Hidden Treasure Hunt," The Bible Adventure Book of Scavenger Hunts by Kelly Anne White

Scavenger hunt map

Beds of wildflowers decorate meadows, hills, and valleys.

The blossoms are as varied and vibrant as their names. Some are called elephant's-head, fairy slipper, and monkey flower. The wildflowers' sweet scents attract critters. Hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees are drawn to their nectar. So are grizzly bears.

—from Natural Wonders of the World: Yellowstone National Park by Kelly Anne White